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Our Story. We are sisters who have had separate, decades-long careers designing homes, defining resorts, creating furniture, and curating retail for clients in the US, the Caribbean, and Canada.

"Over the years we encountered the same thing over and over — people wanted to work with us, but they didn’t have the time and resources to retain our comprehensive design services. Instead, they needed help with a room or two, or a paint plan, or a smallcorporate office redesign, or just creative coaching to transform their space. We started A Studio Project to fill that need—a quick, interactive, collaborative experience with you, where you are in total control of timing, and processes. We offer our combined expertise in a way that we hope will make beautiful design accessible to you."


If You Want More. Let us know if you want a more comprehensive design than A Studio Project provides. We can take care of everything and ensure that the design journey is seamless and the results superb. 

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